Congratulations to my kababayan, Yuka Saso, for winning the 2021 US Open Women’s champion! Galing galing! Mabuhay ka!

Will be up late on this part of the world to watch the #WWDC21 keynote tomorrow. Wondering what snack to prep. Hehe.

The solution to all tech problems: blockchain, AI, and 5G!

If Facebook spins up its own smartphone, running ZuckOS, with its own App Store, where tracking and data collection are encouraged, will you buy?

The political clowns are emerging! Whoever is whispering in their ears that they have a chance to win are probably laughing hahaha

With Google following Apple’s lead in preventing third-party tracking on Android 12, will Facebook try re-entering the smartphone market, after failing miserably?

Which is better Synology or QNap? Just for multi-user storage, photo management, possible Docker/VM use.

Apple is freaking insane! The June 2021 Apple Watch challenges have gone bonkers! The model used to generate these needs a lot of tweaking! hahaha.

Moved several backups from one external drive to another. Ran Gemini 2 to detect duplicates and I ended up freeing around 20GB of duplicates!

What’s the best iPadOS app that supports LibreOffice open document formats?

Anybody knows how to inform the NHS that we are opting out of their deal giving our health data to third parties? Help.

The incompetence of the DOE is what causes this planned rotating brownouts. If you power up BNPP now - for cheaper, reliable and greener power supply - then consumers will be happy! Nuclear power na! Now na!!!!!