What to do with used Tiles? Can I sell it? How much - 40% of original price?

Protecting privacy is a competitive advantage. Unfortunately, this goes against VCs greed.

Waiting for the DC Universe cross-over to happen - when will Wonder Woman appear? Watching Sweet Tooth on Netflix. 📺

iOS 15 Safari is just an entirely new interface that takes awhile getting used to. There are buttons that we are familiar with that are no longer visible. There must be a way to balance this out between what is familiar and what will be new in future beta releases.

Airpods Pro on, Spatial Audio on. Apple Music spatial audio feature is blowing my mind! 🤯

Tried Portrait mode during Facetime call and it needs more blur. This goes to the Feedback. :)

What? Our original iPhone SE will still get iOS 15?! Talk about support, Apple! CNt get that on any other platform IMHO!

Apple can now generate TOTP for multi-factor authentication. Hmm…

Digital Legacy feature might have been pushed up the pipeline due to this pandemic. People have lost loved ones and they need access to iCloud data. #wwdc21

New Swift Playgrounds makes me excited now. Roll it out now, Apple. #wwdc21

Who’s waiting for the WWDC keynote to start? :)

Found a sugar-free, keto friendly brownies. Hmmm. Hope it does not disappoint.

Mounted OneDrive on my Raspberry Pi using rclone.org (with encryption). Now uploading 12GB of files - encrypted! :)

Dear Apple, please add virtual backgrounds on FaceTime. This is my most used Zoom feature when I am required to use video (if I cannot negotiate my way out of it).