I agree that iOS 15 Safari UI changes made the overall experience worse instead of better. Using it now requires you to guess where the different functionalities moved - everything’s hidden! Beta 1 still, there’s still time to revamp it before release.

Trying to figure out why WireGuard wasn’t working on my RaspberryPi. PiVPN was not routing properly. Ended up configuring WireGuard directly, with routing properly working when connected from outside of the network, but does not work from inside, so back to work.

Wow! Kate Hudson on season 2 of Truth Be Told on #AppleTV+. Nice.

So the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro is not arriving anytime soon, right? Will the Switch get significant discount during Prime Days? :)

Time to brew that second cup of coffee. Should I make it iced coffee this time?

The stability of the first iOS beta is tempting me to install it on my main iPhone, but then it is beta - the next one might not be that stable.

Did Nintendo announce the Switch Pro at E3 already?

The semester is almost over - the academic year is almost done for me (no mid-year academic load). The most hated part, i.e., reducing students’ learning to a mere number aka grading, is coming up next.

Drats! Weekend’s almost over. Can we extend it even for 12 more hours? :)

I’m craving for Ben&Jerry’s ice cream but sugar! Tsk tsk. Where can I order sugar-free ice cream?

What does fundingchoicesmessages DOT google DOT com do? Yeah, App Privacy Report just surfaced this for me. Blocking it on NextDNS.io, ControlD.com and Pi-Hole at the moment, until I find out more about what it does. HELP.

Anybody using iOS15 beta with their main AppleID? :) any iCloud issues when mixed with non-beta iOS devices?