Congratulations ENGLAND! Would need a miracle for DEN to get a goal now.

If you are beta testing iOS 15, please don’t forget to send feedback, such as, “pull to refresh/reload” on Safari won’t work when you are NOT at the top of the page.

WireGuard app works on iOS 15 beta 2. Windscribe’s WireGuard does not. :)

Instagram wants to be TikTok. TikTok wants to be YouTube. There is an opening for an Instagram replacement, maybe better Flickr app will fill this void.

The negative feedback on the Safari re-design on iOS 15 and macOS Monterey needs to be heard by Apple - unless they really want to drive away their users. Still early in the beta process - so there is plenty of time to re-design.

Cuckoo time! Lisey’s Story episode 6 on  TV+ 📺

Waiting for Popeye’s chicken burger via PickARoo delivery #burger 🐔 🍔 🦄

Now am seriously considering macOS beta, too! Hahaha

OK, let’s do this! Main iPhone and iPad Pro now running beta OS! Bring it on! #SillyMe

Tempted to get that BackBone One with that Xbox subscription thingie… but I want a controller that I can use on the iPad and Apple TV as well.

That is it! I will get another Xbox wireless controller for iOS/iPadOS/Apple TV - hoping PLDT Fibr latency and lag are enough for the Xbox xCloud games. :)

OK. what Apple TV+ shows and Netflix shows take advantage of Dolby Atmos (Spatial Audio)? Recommend please.

If you are looking for alternative cloud storage - you may want to check out we get 5GB free each.

Dear Microsoft, your App Store rules are great because you do not have a mobile phone ecosystem - nothing, nada, zero, zilch! Until you do, just STFU. Why can’t you do the same for your game store? No commissions from developers - can you do that? Of course NOT.

For the first time in a long time, went out, but only for a joy ride. Didn’t leave the car except when I went to the ATM to withdraw cash (waited until no one is near the ATMs).

Majority of the internet and, of course, the web were NOT built on Windows! Whatever alternate history is being spread must be contained within Facebook, where lies thrive!