Jack Whitehall on Jungle Cruise is just so funny!!!!

How can we all go back to normal when even the vaccinated are spreading the virus, putting everyone at risk? Don’t forget the kids who are not yet vaccinated - becoming spreaders. Argh!

Vaccinated as spreaders, too

The Delta variant can be spread even by the vaccinated. Is this true?

Facebook’s Ray-ban glasses - the never-ending pursuit of data. Yes, Zucka will promote this and gather everything it hears and sees. Need a portable, directional EMP device.

Fast and Furious 9 - Looney Tunes version! That’s all folks!

M1 MacBookPro failed diagnostics β€” it is going back for repair. Tsk tsk.

M1 MacBookPro behaving weirdly β€” keyboard and trackpad freeze when BT trackpad and keyboard are attached. Nuking it and re-installing from scratch.