New, subscription-based photo service, Glass, looks like a good replacement for Instagram. Glass is actually going to compete against Flickr, which has stagnated despite Smugmug’s purchase. Flickr’s mobile app needs a complete re-design, IMHO.

Love the ST:NG reunion scene on Star Trek:Picard, and of course, seeing 😍 Seven :) 🖖

Re-watching Star Trek: Picard. Can’t wait for the next season. 🖖 📺

Why aren’t Apple executives being interviewed about this as well? The potential to help children is enormous, but it needs to be done right the first time. Fear, uncertainty and doubt route faster, of course, but they are not unfounded.

Here I go again — consolidating family photos and videos to prep for de-duplication. Once done, I can back-up to multiple external drives. I forget that I have photos in Google Takeout (back in the day, I used the service).

Apple needs to listen to the backlash

Dear Apple and Tim Cook,

Please DELAY these Child-Safety features until iOS 16 or 17. It is best that you get this right the first time. Judging by the the backlash it is getting, expect that it might translate to sales later. Your partner, NCMEC, calling us users SCREECHING VOICES OF THE MINORITY, just goes to show how they value us Apple users (frankly, it is not cool!) who value privacy above all things.

There must be a better way to do this without treating each of your users as a suspect.

I hope that you take a step back and revisit this.

Thank you.

To our photographers here, what do you use to manage your photo library? Am looking for an affordable solution that does de-duplication (and hopefully, not on the cloud).

It is time that we call it what it is - Starbucks Desserts! Coffee is just a minor product – every new drink they come up with is loaded with sugar, which kills you! Ever heard of a new Starbucks drink that is sugar-free? :)

Let’s stop giving airtime to this one-hit wonder, Zuckerberg. He has not done a SINGLE innovative thing since creating that web app that rates people based on looks and calls them dumb-f##cks!…