Spending this holiday afternoon with youngest daughter… watching a Naruto movie 🎥 🍿

Currently transferring videos off of the iPhone to a local file storage. I use @PhotoSync_app. :)

From another point of view. I still believe that @apple could fix this by moving away from doing it on device and doing it on iCloud Photos.


Panic over Apple’s child abuse crackdown is wrongheaded

This is really terrible! How did it get to this?


Watch | Saigon then, Kabul now: Afghanistan airport evacuation compared with fall of Saigon in Vietnam War

The trick to getting good milk froth using that battery operated frother is using Bear Brand’s Full Cream milk, blasted for a couple of seconds in the microwave.

Done clearing up Keychain and populating it with relevant accounts only. Still looking for TOTP app that runs on iOS, iPadOS, macOS and watchOS - preferably open source.

Dear Apple, nobody minds having their photos scanned on the cloud. Moving your on-device processing to a proxy on the cloud, instead of on-device, will be far more secure than what other cloud-based solutions are doing.

I am rebuilding my Keychain – in an effort to backup 1Password data to it and in prep for iOS 15.

What is the best TOTP app that runs on iOS, iPadOS, MacOS and watchOS and is open source?

I am seriously considering using Keychain and BitWarden (will need to explore the enterprise setup as well). I have been refusing any Electron app on my Macs and this one won’t be the first. @1Password please just enable iPadOS version on Apple Silicon Macs and ditch Electron.

attending my first Micro.camp live… :) sad that I won’t be able to join live tomorrow.

It is going to be TV dinner tonight — CODA on  TV+ queued up. 📺 📽

#TedLasso made me miss Christmas in the UK haha