Got a couple of YubiKeys for personal use - whilst they are on sale until Monday. Hurry!

Yeah, you’ll say I’d be outdoors anyway - true! However, I’d rather not risk it, considering that there are still anti-vaxxers out there.

OMICRON changed my mind about getting an e-bicycle. Almost pulled the trigger. Will wait another quarter and hope that the current vaccines are still effective against this variant (making it less severe and non-fatal). But if you gift me one, I’d accept it, of course. LOL.

Be extra careful - as we get comfortable with having controlled this pandemic, we have another variant. It is now in Hong Kong!…

Catching up with episode 2 of the latest season. Star Trek: Discovery 🖖

Just finished this season (series?). Watch it - 3 seasons so far - recommended. 📺


Pleasant IKEA experience — ordered online and had it delivered. Kids and I did the assembling. :)

EPIC(FAIL) CEO is so greedy that he wants to be the SOLE APP STORE owner for ALL PLATFORMS. How greedy can one get?

Hawkeye episode 1 streaming now. 📺

Just want to say that I got a Sandisk 1TB USB-C SSD portable drive at a discount on Amazon. Rated at 1Gbps read - thinking of using it with the Raspberry Pi. Haha