Was dreading the Rosetta prompt during the 1Password 8 installation –whew good thing it is in pure Apple Silicon. Haha. Don’t want to taint my Mac with intel binaries. LOL.

If you are looking for ActivityPub-enabled services that works like Twitter, then you have Mastodon (joinmastodon.org), Pleroma (pleroma.social) and Misskey (https://misskey-hub.net/en/). Misskey has tons of fun features.

Got my 30-minute jog this morning. Now binge-watching the last few episodes of Ozark… Nintendo Switch Sports can wait. :)

FIVE, yes, FIVE years ago today, I posted my first Micro.blog post. How awesome is that?!

This ActivityPub protocol is simply amazing. Allows you to follow users across different services. Micro.blog, Mastodon, PixelFed, to name just three (3). I wonder what happens to BlueSky now - is it developing another protocol? Why not ActivityPub?

Woke up at 330AM and couldn’t get back to sleep. Oh well.

Happy 🌍 day! completed the Apple Fitness challenge earlier. :)