Yes, Facebook, deflect and hope that this goes away. 879,699 Filipino accounts compromised. Phone numbers (and some email addresses) made available to election campaigners and malicious users.…

Now is a good time to deGoogle, you know

I remember several research projects trying to recognize and identify emotions when students take exam, play games, etc. I avoided doing something like it for ethical reasons.…

Are there @halidecamera app users here? What’s your workflow like? So used to the stock camera app that the workflow is overly simple. :)

Due to one missed configuration, I ended up moving my domain’s nameservers (been planning to do this for quite sometime, though). Glad that I did transfer and also transferred another work domain off of a shared account. :)

if you haven’t seen Calls on Apple TV+, go binge-watch it. :)

Nuke your Facebook account… whilst you are at it, do the same for Instagram and WhatsApp.…

Happy Easter!

weekend tasks - moving nameservers from one to another. tsk tsk.

Philippine media needs to learn from this, too. This News Publisher Quit Facebook. Readership Went Up. : NPR

Now I have pfSense running in front of the main Eero gateway node. Gives me room to do more on the network.

Took this opportunity to re-configure my home network right after telco (@PLDT_Cares) fixed my Fibr connection after 5.5 days! (½)

Open Your Hymnal’s Stations of the Cross episode - for Catholics who celebrate the Holy Week…

This month’s challenge is quite easy to complete. 31 days to complete all three rings.

Apple Watch achievement badge

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BFN See you in 6 months - 14-days to get used to the workflow is simply not enough haha. I guess the next thing to try is Sanebox.

Now @pusakat, did you back this?…

I don’t like using Clubhouse as at this point, it is discriminatory (Android users are discriminated against). Now add this issue, and it becomes worse.…

Couldn’t believe that I’d miss the Mabuhay Lounge arroz caldo

cup of arroz caldo

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When will we be able to eat out again?

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“Test from Shortcut. HT @moondeer for the tip. Was missing the post-status, that was why i was getting errors”

I’d start a microcast but I figured that I don’t like hearing my own voice… and I laugh too much. :)

Thanks @jean and @manton for the Micro Monday feature! :)

Is this the start of something bigger?


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I wish @StarbucksPH will offer this again. So yummy!

Purple Yam Cheesecake

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Ah… reminding me that my trial is almost over…