I don’t know how blind Apple is to these kinds of App Store review nightmares. Frankly, they should be more transparent. Fire those reviewers who made those inconssitent decisions! pxlnv.com/linklog/h…

TGIF. Second cup of coffee - this time a latte with no art! LOL.

Whilst I don’t have #Linux as a primary desktop, I do have a VPS server running Linux and a local file-server on #RaspberryPi running Linux!

I remember being the only grad student using an SGI workstation whilst my classmates were all using Windows. :) #Linux

Happy birthday, Linux!

A Linux server is always part of my arsenal. I have been Windows-free ever since I learned to install Linux using dozens of 3.5” floppy disks! #Linux

Education in the Philippines has long been suffering (not unique to this current admin) - thanks to the political leaders from all these parties! Both House and Senate FAIL to prioritize EDUCATION (yes, they have new laws etc., BUT come BUDGET time - not a priority!)

Have been saying that Stay(AWAY,NOT)Safe.ph is not effective as a contact tracing application for a long time, BUT it is highly effective as a personal data collection app - for what purposes, well… yewtu.be/watch

So I tried iCloud+ BYOD (bring your own domain) and enabled it for Family - apparently, the Family sharing part is not yet available. Yes, it is BETA. :)

Note to self - shortcuts don’t always work #Linux #SysAdForThisPM

Did not get to finish The Green Knight - got bored!

Ditched my Ember mug (at least 2 years old) - no longer holding a charge and the ceramic coating was chipping off (shouldn’t have happened in the first place)


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