Started watching season 1 of Code 404 but will be paused in favor of the new season of Money Heist that just dropped. Binge watching tomorrow. :)

THIS is one of the reasons why a lot of “reviews”, specially in the Philippines, needs to be taken with a grain of salt - either they’re regurgitated press releases or maybe, just maybe, along the lines of what the video is revealing. :)

Boom! One down! South Korea passes law preventing Apple from requiring developers to use App Store in-app purchase service. Big market! Who is next, Australia?

Apple - the goody goody Silicon Valley company - is now starting to smell. The stink comes from within (their employees not being treated fairly, their App Store rules are rotting, and their privacy stance starting to crumble). What will Tim Cook do?

To my little social circle - if you are on the Mastodon network, please let me know your account so I can follow. Thanks thanks.

Heard that ActivityPub is one of the technologies Twitter is considering for their decentralization. What do you think?

Second cup of coffee for the day. Yeah, not lazy today – added milk froth on my pour-over brewed coffee. No latte art (still need to learn how to do this haha).

Enjoying the Reuters channel on Plex.TV Live. :)