Tried brewing coffee using the old Mokapot - I might have done something wrong as it was more bitter than usual. I prefer Nanopresso, Pipamoka and pour-over brewed (don’t have an espresso machine or a drip coffee maker). #CoffeeTalk

It is so dark outside that it looks like it is already 6pm #rain

If there a way to sync our photos with PixelFed? :)

I knew Emma will cinch it when she went up 5-2 in set 2.

Emma Raducanu bested Leylah Fernandez for the US Open trophy! Congratulations to both of you!

Spotify parts ways with Epic Fail Games by welcoming the decision (Epic Fail Games lost!) — wonder what happens next.

Personally, unless I trust the developer and the payment processor AND the price difference is significantly lower, I won’t consider paying outside of the App Store.

The question is - will Apple enforce its contract by collecting commissions from developers even if they use alternative payment methods? How?

Apple already announced concessions in allowing third party in-app payments but for “reader” apps, this ruling opens it for all apps.

Apple needs to soften up and start cooperating. The current hard stance isn’t working at all! There are compromises that can be worked out, definitely.

An open letter to Tim Cook

What a win! @Leylahfernandez wins semis! Off to the finals! #USOpen

And just like that #PLDTFibr is down in our area once again. #BetterPHInternetNeeded

So proud that the Philippines is represented in the Star Trek Universe! 🖖

My current work white noise generator is tuned on Paramount+ for the Star Trek Day live event. :) 🖖