Is an Apple Podcast subscription shareable with Family Sharing?

Goodbye, our dear best poodle 🐩 friend. Thank you for eight years of fur and fun. You will surely be missed. Our family’s heartbroken 😭 #dogheaven

Here comes the rain again… Falling on my head like a memory… Falling on my head like a new emotion… I want to walk in the open wind… I want to talk like lovers do… I know, I know, I will stop now.

If you plan to upgrade to iOS15/iPadOS15 and MacOS Monterey as soon as they drop, then backup your devices now!

Tried to watch the #Emmys2021 and see #TedLasso win (so far, they got 2!). They said, it is on Paramount+. Went to the channel, only to say it need to pay PREMIUM. Tsk tsk.

Facebook has been putting people in danger for a long time. There are just a lot who don’t believe it yet (but there are those who refuse to believe, and even defend Facebook).

Facebook is evil

I can download FOSS and self-host it (pay for a server, keep it secure and updated, and contemplate when to donate to the FOSS creators) or I can pay for the same service from the FOSS creator themselves and support them and future FOSS development. #selfHostingWoes

Repeat after me: I do not need an iPad Mini. I do not need an iPad Mini. I do not need an iPad Mini. I do not need an iPad Mini. I do not need an iPad Mini.

Apple patches NSO Zero-Day iMessage vulnerability with the release of iOS 14.8, MacOS 11.6 and watchOS 7.6.2. Whatever it is you are doing now, STOP and UPDATE your Apple devices. Better safe than sorry.

Why you shouldn't trust any video you see on the internet

Deepfakes make videos difficult to believe. Unfortunately, a lot of people can’t distinguish one from the real video. Personally, I take that most videos are not authentic, unless I trust the one who publishes it (and some trusted news outfits fall victim to these deepfakes, misinformation and disinformation as well), note re-sharing it does not make it more trustworthy.…

I added SSH keys to MacOS Keychain. Since it syncs across Macs, can I delete old keys on another Mac and make it use the ones in the Keychain? Also, is there a way to get iPadOS apps to use those keys off of the Keychain?