PSA - you can ditch Instagram for Flickr, PixelFed or even you own website or blog site, like #DeleteInstagram

OK. Linked Fastmail with 1Password for another alias service. Together with Apple and - multiple, different aliases + Safari + VPN + DuckDuckGo = more complicated way to connect my online breadcrumbs back to me

When social media becomes a danger to its users and to democracies - what should be done? Users must protect themselves and stop using Facebook. Governments must regulate.…

Finished the Secure Coding Course offered by WeHackPurple and now checking out their Incident Response Mini-course. #wehackpurple #appsec

If you have not seen the latest #TedLasso episode, then go see it before you watch this

Yes! Finally configured that free cloud-based WireGuard VPN server. :) Self-Hosting is fun! #selfHosting

Apple needs to fix their bug bounty program. Whoever is running this needs to step back and let someone else handle it - clearly changes are needed Apple’s bug bounty issues

Three iOS 0-days revealed by researcher frustrated with Apple’s bug bounty - Ars Technica

Damn it, #TedLasso! Now I miss my dad, too! 🥲

Yes, it is now available - Foundation Series premiere on Apple TV+. Will wait a bit to simmer before I jump in.

I have an early class and this remote thing allows my students to have breakfast whilst we conduct the class (although it is mostly asynchronous, so we’re good most of the time).

Is it true? We will get the series premiere of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation on Apple TV+ early, like in an hour?

On iOS 15, you can now nominate your Apple ID Account Recovery contact. Do so, just as a fallback when, for whatever reason, you can’t access your Apple ID.