Yale Law School Information Society Project webinar, β€œThe Facebook Files: What Next?”. You can watch here

Now attending the Yale Law School Information Society Project webinar, “The Facebook Files: What Next?”

I don’t use Google Search, but I have heard that if you use it (why?) on your iOS 15 iPhone, it will not serve you AMP URLs. Thank you, Google!

If you are on GetMatter.app, ping me @rom. If you are not on Matter (@getmatterapp@twitter.com), why not? what’s the matter with you? :) I wish Matter is on the fediverse, too.

Wow, if true! Ethics adviser of NSO? What to do when you are the ethics adviser of a company and the company operates unethically? Make your recommendations/advises PUBLIC. www.thetimes.co.uk/article/c…

I want to try the new Windows 11 (on a VM, of course), but will wait until it is on version 11.11 :)

AirPods updated to latest firmware. Yeah, took awhile for it to finish. Great!

Is Friendster up? Wait, let me check ICQ (oops, messages are in Russian now? haha)

Facebook, connecting people whilst amplifying the worst of human nature for profit. Think about that. 🀬

Watching CBS 60 Minutes, featuring the Facebook whistleblower, on Paramount+. 😁

In no particular order - Michael Sheen, Richard Ayoade, Ben Whishaw, Vicky McClure - my next Doctor Who. :)

Why do some people post URLs without any description on what it is about? Also, why post your Instagram post to the public, when your account is private? Tsk tsk.

Revisited my Flickr permissions are removed most of the applications and API keys.