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First it was Nic leaving The Resident, now Leroy Jethro Gibbs left NCIS! No!!!!

It’s raining. It’s raining. It’s raining. ☔️

are Facebook’s users, ie the advertisers, also accountable?

Waiting for the US government to do something will take a long time, IMHO. The EU is much faster. However, the fastest route is for users to do something - with users, I mean, advertisers (why are they not being called out for prioritizing profit over safety, too? They’re complicit to all of these, right?)


Is now the time for Mark Zuckerberg to face the music? - The Independent

Day 11: hygge (enjoying a warm cup of freshly brewed coffee whilst wrapped up in a cozy blanket in bed and watching agent XXX on The Spy Who Loved Me) #mboct

Warm cup of coffee in bed

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I used to be accompanied by podcasts when i jog outdoors. Now, Netflix is my companion on the treadmill. Maybe it is time to go back to podcasts. 🏃‍♂️

Geordi La Forge on a Leverage:Redemption episode? awesome! 🖖

Low-cost network bridge. Trying out Halide’s Macro mode using iPhone 12 Pro. Will shoot again when I get the iPhone 13 Pro. wink

Day 10: bridges #mboct


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There is no denying that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are great marketing tools (for now), but relying entirely on them is risky. I have been saying that you need to have your own website and post the link on these social media sites.

Build your own website!

Today is World Mental Health Day #mentalHealth - do the right thing and for one day, skip social media :) then you can extend it indefinitely wink

I have setup Wireguard on the cloud and used NextDNS as my DNS server so I can still block trackers. Love that NextDNS allows you to have multiple profiles, too.

Planned on doing some work today but I decided to take a break instead - so sue me. Hahah

Just updated Pi-Hole to v.5.5 along with AdminLTE to 5.7 and FTL to 5.10.2.