Mythic Quest will get season 3 and 4! WOOT! WOOT!

Fastmail users here - you guys having issues connecting to their servers?

I enjoy watching this Baking Impossible series on Netflix. Is there a season 2 in the works? :)

The sun is out and what do you know, I feel way better now than the past two days.

Feeling under the weather. Damn this weird weather!

Tried to setup NextCloud via Snap on Oracle Cloud — hit a roadblock, for some reason, HTTP->HTTPS redirect does not work.

Will just do this on a Raspberry Pi, but that is for another day.

Procrastinating again - Nextcloud install can wait. :)

And just like that, it is the middle of October already! C’mon! Can we slow down a bit?!

Why can’t western media interview other journalists in the Philippines, just to have a complete picture? I thought journalism is about finding the truth and telling the world about it, but not a single person version of the truth.

I have been craving for tacos for several days already and I forget to add the ingredients to the grocery list. Missed the window since the grocery is on its way (delivery). Next week. :(