Starting today, you will not see me “❤️” or “★” a social media post, but I will boost or ReTweet.

Just tried SharePlay on Apple TV and works great!

Trying to figure out the Shortcuts for Mac equivalent of Share Sheet. I found Quick Actions-Services, but it does not always work.

Update day today. MacOS 12.0.1, iOS 15.1, iPadOS 15.1, watchOS 8.1, tvOS 15.1 now out! (HomePod gets 15.1 update as well). ISPs will get hammered today.

When are we going to hear the announcement that FB Blue will be “Social for dumb fucks by The Bergs”

It is best practice to regularly back-up your data. You can replace your device if it conks out, but losing your documents, photos, videos, music files, etc., can’t be easily replaced or recreated.

If you intend to upgrade to MacOS Monterey the moment it drops, then backup your Mac now. :)

Thanks to the OMG.LOL and partnership, I can now send email from my OMG.LOL alias. :)

Is Oct 25 the release date for iOS 15.1 with MacOS Monterey?

The M1 MBP has two USB Type-C ports and I still have a USB Type-A YubiKey, so these connectors are essential if you don’t want to use a hub.

Day 24: connection #mboct

USB Type-C connectors

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FastMail has been down for more than 6 hours already. They’re still being attacked. Tsk tsk.

As I continue to promote Filipino cuisine, this Filipino word might be handy to those who are adventurous enough to try Filipino food.

Day 23: meaning #mboct

Definition of “masarap”

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This was delivered earlier. Done configuring it after about an hour (transferring from an old iPhone and updating to 15.0.2).

I normally just do an encrypted back-up and then restore from there, but that required Apple Watch unpairing and re-pairing. Let’s see if this works flawlessly.

Software update done. Needs passcode to be entered and the transfer/configuration resumes automatically. Impressed. Now it says “Transferring Data”.

Wow! The prompt on the old phone is now “Waiting for Software Update” as it waits for the target phone to update. Both are tethered to power (old one is tethered to M1 MBP - just did encrypted back-up as.. yeah, a back-up)

Configuring new iPhone by transferring from the old, but now the one needs 15.0.2 update. Wonder what happens after the update, will the transfer continue automatically?

Multiple troll accounts actually. Facebook tells advertisers that they have X users they can target, how many are unique,Facebook doesn’t know. Cannot TRUST Facebook!…