Remember that Anker 60W GaN charger that I bought? Well, I just tested it with the M1 MBP at 40% charge and now it is drawing at 59.60W. Not bad for a US$35 deal at

Watching Doctor Who. I still prefer the Doctor-Amy-Rory trio.

🎃 isn’t big in the Philippines. Wasn’t big when I was living overseas as well. I guess it really is an American thing.

Testing the Anker GaN 65W charger’s output

Got the Anker GaN 65w charger hooked to an M1 MBP with 72% charge just to test. Went as high as 40w before dropping and hovering at 35w. Will try again when the MBP is at less than 40% to see if the power draw is higher.

So far, I’d say it works and a steal at US$35 on (not sure if this is still the price today).

Do you remember VRML?

OMG. I do remember Virtual Reality Markup Language (VRML) - I also remember a team of researchers in my lab back in grad school playing with the Silicon Graphics Reality Monster to develop applications for medical education. Fast forward a couple of years, I played with the Google cardboard - hoping that it was the perfect, affordable solution to introduce VR to the masses, but it was not. Not optimistic about VR, except for some niche applications.

Augmented Reality (AR) has far more potential for everyday use. Google Glass was a good experiment that showed us what not to do (disclosure, I was one of the Glassholes LOL). If only the camera and mic were used to view and listen to the surrounding whilst restricting audio, photo and video capture, then it might have been less creepy.

“Hey, Facebook, I Made a Metaverse 27 Years Ago” by Prof. Ethan Zuckerman

Frankly, METAe’s metaverse is guaranteed to be full of bullies, ad billboards that are more in-your-face, rogue militia, and every bit of wrong in the world - because only METAe is in charge of policing it, and we know how that goes.

Star Trek: Prodigy 🖖 is now on Paramount+ 📺

This has been in the front yard for quite some time already. What is underneath it is still a mystery.

Day 28: underneath #mboct

What’s underneath this?

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Zuckerberg paints huge target on young adults! Beware!