PixelFed has a lot of potential to replace Insta – but it needs to release iOS and Android apps soon. This will accelerate traction, IMHO. Check out pixelfed.social - one of the instances.

You the know the feeling you are about to get sick, but you are not getting sick (hopefully)? Well, that is how I feel after getting the Moderna booster yesterday. Argh!

This is the Parish Church of the Holy Sacrifice, where we pray for the UP Fighting Maroons Men’s Basketball Team to win tonight and grab the crown. #mbmay


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All I can get from this 🌶 plant are flowers that bloom. All 🌶 s are being picked by birds before I could harvest. #mbmay


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UP Men’s Basketball Team not only broke Ateneo’s streak, but UPMBT has a 2-1 win record against them this season. Please make it 3-1 on Wednesday! #UPFIGHT

🤩 WOW! UP Men’s Basketball Team grabs the first win! CONGRATULATIONS! We have two chances for the crown - but end it on Wednesday please! GALING! #UPFIGHT

Hacked a quick Shortcut to get the temperature of the Firewalla Purple that I just deployed. Monitoring it as I had to re-flash after it froze last night - making sure it isn’t about overheating.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and single parents out there! 💐 🍫 🍰

I’m using Gluon on the iPad Mini 5G. I can reply but I cannot do a new blogpost. Did the usual, reboot, reinstall, turn off/on, still no go. Am I alone on this one? #noxp

Got fresh salmon fillets from the market… sashimi for lunch, yay! 🍣

There should be a way to monetize content on PeerTube so we will have a viable alternative to YouTube. This is not going really well.

YouTube Kids sucks

I planned on working on my cloud server this morning, but it changed to prepping food for lunch and dinner today. 🍗 🐖 adobo, sautéed string 🫘 and 🎃, and ground 🥩 with 🥕 🥔 🫑

Going back to working on the free Atlantic.Net server this weekend. :)

Almost done with the Gluon Focus Mode challenge — one more day and it is complete - 7 days! :)

I miss the rest of the timeline, but tomorrow’s the last day, so I’m good.

Star Trek Thursdays! Season finale of Star Trek:Picard and Series premiere of Star Trek: Strange New World. 🖖