The right-to-repair advocates were shocked by Apple, I’m sure. Apple’s Self-Service Repair program, that starts next year, is something that was out of the blue. Interesting.

Waited for our turn without gaming the system - we finally got the entire family vaccinated with first dose of Moderna. Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Mama Mary! 🙏

That GrabPH iOS app update ditched Google Maps for OpenStreetMaps. Awesome!

For those times that I’m too lazy to grind beans. :) I use the NanoPresso with the adapter. #coffee #starbucks

Got an UGreen HDMI 2.1 cable for the console and for the M1 Pro MBP (dreaming hehe).

Did a quick joy ride to get gas and go to the ATM and found that we have upcoming Popeye’s branch, Burger King branch, and Panda Express branch in the area. Not to mention a Wendy’s and Shakey’s that just opened.

THINK before you click. Better yet, set your e-mail client to PLAINTEXT and stop rendering HTML-email, not only does it contain trackers, it is primed for abuse, too.…

Looking for an NFS client for iOS/iPadOS. Ping me if you know of one, please. Thanks.

Ah, got that Apple Fitness badge for Veterans Day Challenge (unlocked!)

Looking forward to December 9 and see how developers take advantage of the new in-app payment system for Apple’s stores.

Had doubts about AMP since the start, and I wasn’t wrong. Why publishers still continue using it is a mystery (unless they’re getting $$ from Google, that is). tsk tsk.…

Checked out “Hooked” podcast… after second episode, deleted it - got bored.