Catching up with episode 2 of the latest season. Star Trek: Discovery 🖖

Just finished this season (series?). Watch it - 3 seasons so far - recommended. 📺


Pleasant IKEA experience — ordered online and had it delivered. Kids and I did the assembling. :)

Just want to say that I got a Sandisk 1TB USB-C SSD portable drive at a discount on Amazon. Rated at 1Gbps read - thinking of using it with the Raspberry Pi. Haha

Looking for Cryptomator users - asking if it creates an encrypted disk image on the cloud storage or it encrypts each file. #encryption

Flickr subscription renewed for next year. w00t!

The quality of video on Webex sucks! FaceTime is thousands of miles ahead of it. Tsk tsk. Apple should stop using WebEx for their education events. // attending an Apple event right now

Home network is set to prefer IPv6 over IPv4. Analyzing the traffic - majority is now on IPv6. Nice!

I can’t wait for this season to end and see who the next Doctor is. #DrWho

Cool! Jitsi.Meet now has breakout rooms. Awesome! I’d deploy my own for family use if only FaceTime isn’t more convenient.

I thought of configuring my Pi-Hole to filter IPv6, now that my ISP activated it on my account, but decided to use instead — easier. PhP3.00/day is well worth it. :)

I don’t usually like dark roast, but I like this one. Tasting notes read “Spicy and Refined”. #coffee #StarbucksChristmasBlend

2021 Christmas Blend

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Why do companies do this? Isn’t your subscription model enough? Greedy much?

Dear Apple, please return to the wireless network router game. Home networks need a wider coverage for iCloud+ Private Relay, better HomeKit device outbound traffic filtering, TV+ and Music content caching, to name some features we want. :)

Today is Star Trek: Discovery day. 🖖UNFORTUNATELY, it is no longer available on Netflix outside of North America. BOO!

Yesterday, I thought of re-installing Foursquare’s Swarm app to check-in at the vax site. It was the first time the entire family went out in 21 months. Logging in to Swarm prompted an email to be sent after entering the credentials - the email never got received. Oh well.