Is there a more efficient way of importing 1Password entries to iCloud Keychain? Tried 1Password format and iCloud CSV, Keychain won’t access it. Hmm. Do I need to do some CLI ninja tricks? now has a mailing list subscription feature. I am thinking of enabling it, but I don’t think anyone would want to subscribe to my Would you subscribe? LOL

Both Apple and Google have intelligent battery management - I’ve seen it on the iPhone (and Macbook Pro), charging up to 80% only and continues to 100% just in time for you to use it (based on your usage pattern). Is a chargie still necessary?

Trying to eat healthy so I’m having oatmeal for breakfast… but with bacon! Who can resist bacon?!

Gluon having some rendering issues with some posts. Latest Gluon version for iOS.

Why it is important that companies have a Chief Ethics Officer - features like this one (always-on ISP/camera) should not have been made available to smartphone manufacturers, only to security cameras.

As Twitter’s Private Media censorship is getting gamed by malicious actors, researchers should start migrating to a federated service, such as Mastodon. It is time to embrace the fediverse.

Why is Apple delaying full E2EE for iCloud backups?! We need this now!

Raining whilst the sun is out. When I was a kid, we were told that when this happens - some mythical creatures are getting married. LOL.

If you want a no BS social network that is similar to Twitter minus the tracking, then join us at Now there’s an app for it. Nice!

It isn’t spring but just did some cleaning. Lots of old USB cables heading to the bin. Good thing it is garbage day today — let them sort it out. 😜

Daughter’s caring for this plant and she was not expecting it to have this. Is this carnivorous or what?! Looks like an alien. If you know exactly what this is - please let me know.

What am I?

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Did an account reset request for my Keybase account – should be done by tomorrow (7 days).

I brought back @FastMail app on iPhone and iPad (wish there is a Mac version too) to separate work from personal (Apple Mail app). Helps me block work email after 5pm, weekdays and the entire weekend, via Focus.

Got a couple of YubiKeys for personal use - whilst they are on sale until Monday. Hurry!

Yeah, you’ll say I’d be outdoors anyway - true! However, I’d rather not risk it, considering that there are still anti-vaxxers out there.

OMICRON changed my mind about getting an e-bicycle. Almost pulled the trigger. Will wait another quarter and hope that the current vaccines are still effective against this variant (making it less severe and non-fatal). But if you gift me one, I’d accept it, of course. LOL.