Sorry, but Facebook’s Fact Checkers are not to be blindly trusted - they have their own agenda, with most, IMHO, are aligning it with Facebook’s, i.e., spreading lies.…

Love seeing 80% charged battery on the MBP and it draws power straight from the mains. At least I know that it is protecting the battery.

On AirTags and other bluetooth trackers

Before the AirTags, we have trackers from Tile and Chipolo, among others. I had them both. And yes, they can be abused to track someone and there is no way you would know that you are being tracked - that was then and still the same now. Chipolo, I have heard, will join the AirTag network - so they can be revealed when used to track someone without permission, I thnk. I don’t know about Tile and the others.

If you find yourself a victim of unauthorized tracking using an AirTag, reporting it to both police and Apple can reveal who owned it - it is paired with an AppleID to work - (also turn it off by removing the battery, don’t throw it away yet). At least there is that information. On other bluetooth tracking devices, good luck finding the trackers and whoever is tracking you.

Compiling Handbrake-CLI on Raspberry Pi 4b. fingers-crossed

Photo management dilemma

I have photos to de-duplicate, sort & classify, and even re-process, amassed since my first digital camera, the Kodak DC-40. Whilst putting it on the cloud definitely helps, but then again, I’d rather have it stored locally. Still looking for the solution. Photoprism looks promising, but will need to set aside time to set it up, not to forget, maintain it.


Writing for coffee?

I write a couple of tech articles a month and I get paid for it. Right now, I am trying to figure out if it is still worth it (don’t get me wrong, I do love the publication, just that, unlike before, it is now plagued with a lot of trackers) – meaning, can I afford to just go on my own and write in exchange for a cup of coffee? That would mean that I’d need four (4) to five (5) regular readers to support my coffee addiction for every article. I have several options for a platform,,, or my own self-hosted blog (it has been quite awhile since I have maintained my own, but then again, I’d rather pay an affordable sum and support the software developers).

What do you think? Should I go for it and start this 2022?

My bad, it is Zora and not Sora. Siri, time to have a talk with Zora. πŸ––

Raspberry Pi 4 now migrated to Bullseye. Yahoo!

RPi Bullseye configuration almost done. Only two items left to configure - PiVPN/Wireguard and VNC/RDP. Thinking twice whether or not to setup Resilio Sync again.

I just deleted Geany and Thonny and now updating… last will be setting up the network to use the settings from the old OS. Hoping that I don’t forget the necessary software before I pull the trigger and replace the SD card on the main RPi.

Just flashed an SD card with the latest Bullseye distribution for the Raspberry Pi. Now trying to figure out what needs to be migrated from the old to the new. :)

2022 Goal - learn SwiftUI. Do you have any recommended resource (website, books, etc.)?

Thanks for the letting us know the plan for 2022, @Flickr. No plans to revamp the iOS mobile application? And no, please don’t copy TikTok or Instagram. LOL.

Apple should make updating the AirPods' firmware easier – how do you manually trigger it? tsk tsk.

Meta should be made responsible for this atrocity. Make Zuckerberg and Sandberg responsible, make them pay until it hurts them.

Apple - please allow developers to use alternative payment methods and allow them to inform users. Don’t be so greedy. Besides, unless the price difference is really significant and that the payment processor can be trusted, i’ll still use Apple’s payment gateway.

Apple’s silhouette ads are back! This time for the AirPods.

How do you factory reset a Tile tracker without using the app?