What is the incentive for Apple to support RCS when carriers worldwide are not supporting it?

European carriers and US T-Mobile are blocking Apple’s privacy feature, iCloud+ Private Relay. Just goes to show which carriers are collecting subscribers' data for profit.

Why Google bullying Apple to support RCS is not the right strategy

Google can’t push Apple to support RCS, but carriers can. However carriers all over the world are not transitioning to RCS yet - and why aren’t they? Google needs to push the carriers first, and then Apple will follow. Maybe Google announcing that SMS support for AOSP will cease in 3 years, then that should make carriers implement it, right?

WhatsApp co-founder is now Signal CEO. Interesting. I just hope that he reverts Signal app and moves the cryptocurrency support as an external app plug-in, similar to GIPHY.


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No wonder one of Google’s executive is complaining about Apple not embracing RCS. Frankly, it is iMessage or Signal (at the moment) for me. I cringed when I use SMS, sorry.


Some insights about web3 from Moxie. I do agree that the crypto on web3 MUST BE CRYPTOGRAPHY and not about currencies. Let’s make this so. Blockchain is tech looking for a problem to solve, right?

Any Threema users here? Is it worth the price? That crypto-play of Signal is making me think twice about recommending it.

Not bad

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Thank you, NetNewsWire, for the Twitter extension. I am now following a couple of accounts without launching any of the Twitter apps. I don’t need to see my entire timeline and couldn’t be bothered to trim it down right now.

So near, yet so far! Just a few more minutes of sleep could have completed the outer ring! Argh! #autosleep

So I downloaded MarsEdit from the MAS – will this be my main editor now? :)

I couldn’t trust Trend Micro for hiding trackers on their applications until they were caught. I also remember Brave redirecting users to affiliate links as well. Now, Norton Antivirus embeds cryptominers. HOW can you trust these companies after they’ve done this?

Am curious - for the podcasters here (@jean @burk among others) - do you have some info on clients? Want to know if Apple Podcast app proxy (without using Private Relay) the connections when downloading the podcast episodes. Others do it directly.

Oatmeal + chia seeds + a piece of sugar-free dark chocolate + a pinch of honey = champorado. I wish I had crispy fried dried anchovies (dilis) to pair with it.

I have been keeping tabs on GrapheneOS, but I couldn’t pull the trigger because it means supporting Google’s Pixel business. Wish there is another phone that supports it.