They never learn. iPhones preferred over their products. LOL…

Samsung promotes Galaxy Note 9 display on Twitter … while tweeting from an iPhone - 9to5Mac

This is an interesting case. Perfect timing as I’m on the lookout for a new case for an iPhone 7+ with a newly replaced battery.…

A quarter kilo of lechon (roast suckling pig). FTW!

I just love how you can edit your posts, something you can’t do (yet) on Twitter.

Read and learn. Deleting Facebook and Instagram is long overdue. Did this a long time ago.…

I quit Instagram and Facebook and it made me happier — watch out, Facebook - CNBC

There’s a new Starbucks Reserve branch in Quezon City. This one is at SM North EDSA.


Was contemplating on ditching Twitter, but reconsidered because of the network that I have there, and not to forget that I have been posting a lot of resources for my classes there, too.

Anyway, I figured that since I backed during its Kickstarter campaign, might as well continue supporting it.

So from today, I will be using this, in both short, micro-blogging format, as well as long form full blogging.

I’m at

Seriously thinking if I should use this, or host my own Mastodon instance. What do you think?

Apple Watch Apps

There seems to be brouhaha over apps, like eBay, Target, Amazon and Google (Maps), removing their Apple Watch support. First, think of the value add of the watch to their apps – no point bidding on eBay via the wrist (but having the notification on whether you were outbid or not is awesome, and does not need its own app); same with shopping on Target and Amazon via the watch; Google Maps, on the other hand, is a weird one, but since there is Apple Maps on the watch, it is no big deal. So, before you blow up a fuse, or something, think first if your app really news an Apple Watch extension.

American Gods # Now watching premiere episode! #xpost

Not The White House Correspondents' Dinner

Currently watching on TBS. #xpost

Cross-posting to Twitter has a setting to auto-post to Twitter. I could just set this up, but it means all my blog posts will be cross-posted, which is not ideal. Instead, I create an IFTTT recipe to scrape the RSS feed for #xpost to trigger the specific post to be cross-posted to Twitter. Here it goes.

Who says the Apple Watch is a flop? Not for me, specially when I try to get the special badges that Apple releases from time to time.

Hello! So happy to have this finally activated! Expect more posts in the near future.