Have been saying this for quite some time. Facebook is evil. apple.news

A former spy boss said Facebook could threaten democracy if it isn’t ‘controlled’ - Business Insider

Rushing to the office after an over-extended conference call.

Apple Watch watchOS 5.1.2 is now out, with ECG and AFib detection enabled for select markets. Tried it on mine. Yay! Sinus Rhythm! ;) #AppleWatch

I just sent an email to @looloo asking them for my data, both they collected from app usage and those collected from Facebook, and asking them to delete it. Let’s wait and see. @FrancisAcero

If you are travelling and want to enable eSIM for data? Go for GigSky (just download their app) and use referral code: GIGS273 please. Thanks. note: not a sponsored post.

iOS 12.1.1 update came with eSIM support for the following Asian carriers: 1010, CSL, China Mobile, and SmarTone in Hong Kong; M1 in Singapore; APT in Taiwan; Airtel and Reliance Jio in India; and AIS, dtac, and True Move in Thailand. Of course, no Philippines. Bummer!

These recent Facebook revelations make me suspicious of all their partners. Not the partners' fault entirely, but they’ve (and still are) benefitted from these questionable behaviour (collected data from the users and their friends).

Facebook faces anti-trust issues now. Question is, will they get another slap on the wrist after another “we take these issues seriously” non-apology from Zuckerberg?

Looking back, I wonder what data @looloo has right now - considering that their service is tightly-coupled with Facebook. Not only do they have access to your location, what other info do they have? Time to send them a request.

Apple made a good decision of waiting until 2020 to roll out 5G support for its devices. Widespread deployment is necessary for 5G to be effective. Being first only gives you a few hotspots to fully use 5G in 2019. www.theverge.com/2018/12/4…

Remember, people, growth is Sheryl Sandberg’s forte (an ex-Googler). Apparently, there really is no “Don’t be Evil” in their DNA. They’re concerned about PR - public relations! Not PRIVACY. #DeleteFacebook www.theverge.com/2018/12/5…

Apologies — we celebrate the achievements of ALL our UP athletes and their coaches! This will be a very interesting Lantern Parade and 🔥 next Friday in UPD :) #UPFIGHT

The UAAP Men’s Basketball Finals are over and whilst we wait for the bonfire to celebrate the achievement of @UPMBT, back to your books - finals week is not over yet. Make the country proud. #IskolarNgBayan

.@UPMBT you’ve gone a long way. All we asked was for you guys to bring us to the Final Four, but you delivered more than that. You guys gave us a chance to be champions. Very well done! SALUDO! #UPFIGHT