Qualcomm wins iPhones shipping with iOS 11 (pre-iPhone XS, XS Max, XR) ban in China. iPhones are shipped with iOS 12 now. :)

Apps that collect location data and using the data for something that you didn’t approve of is not cool. I re-checked my Location settings, most are at While Using or Never. www.nytimes.com/2018/12/1…

For the upcoming midterm elections in the Philippines, the telcos, Smart and Globe, will definitely make this scenario possible — free access to Facebook and its companies. flip.it/uJdtwp

WhatsApp skewed Brazilian election, proving social media’s danger to democracy | Salon.com

Startups need to wake up that the business model of collecting data from users in exchange for free access is changing. Been reading a lot of new startups in the Philippines COLLECTING USER DATA. #surveillancecapitalism

Sad that I missed the Apple Distinguished Educators in the Philippines meetup/Christmas party earlier. Glad that we could group Facetime, though. ;) #Apple #ADE #Education

The latest Short Treks episode gave us Saru’s origin story. Nice! #StarTrekDiscovery

Transitioning our dev team and contractors from Skype to Signal for privacy reasons. Would have preferred iMessage, but Android. Tsk tsk

Post your favorite @hourofcode #HourOfCode photos on the new, next-generation, secure and privacy-oriented photo sharing service, Textile.Photos @textile01 @codeorg @upacm @tbc4k @upitdc @upsitf @y4it


Hello folks! If you are participating in Hour of Code, no matter where you are in the world, share your photos here. @upitdc @upacm @codeorg @tbc4k @bitsanbeda #HourOfCode


Hour of Code today at UP IT Development Center, c/o @UPITDC, @UPSITF and @UPACM

Have been saying this for quite some time. Facebook is evil. apple.news

A former spy boss said Facebook could threaten democracy if it isn’t ‘controlled’ - Business Insider

Rushing to the office after an over-extended conference call.

Apple Watch watchOS 5.1.2 is now out, with ECG and AFib detection enabled for select markets. Tried it on mine. Yay! Sinus Rhythm! ;) #AppleWatch