A Facebook and Paypal partnership will not be good for Paypal. DIstrust of Facebook will spill over Paypal.

Like Google, Apple fails in “social”. Apple Music Connect goes Ping.

It is time for Time’s Persons of the Year (2018) to ditch Facebook and call on others to do the same. Facebook DOES NOT care about the truth. It prefers fake news because it gets more engagements.

So where does this put Bloomberg’s report? apple.news

Super Micro says review found no malicious chips in motherboards - Business Insider

To combat that Location tracking, delete all Facebook-owned apps. On iOS, Settings-Privacy-Location Services-System Services-Location-based Apple Ads (OFF), also Settings-Privacy-Advertising-Limit Ad Tracking (ON) and Reset Advertising Identifier.

This is #SurveillanceCapitalism at its best. It is Facebook, nothing can go wrong. Note the data that they are going to use, now think of how they are getting it – yes, you VOLUNTEER the data. www.buzzfeednews.com/article/n…