2019 is the year I start encrypting my email, specially those that go to gmail.com. For ease of use and convenience, get a protonmail.ch account.

Just downloaded another open source video player, iina.io, to see if it can rival VLC. This is OS X only atm, though.

Got a battery-operated milk frother as gift from the kids, now enjoying a cappuccino with coffee (beans from @npf007 and @sabbypar) extracted via Nanopresso. :)

Watching Kids Baking Championship on Food Network, whilst waiting for kids to finish baking brownies for their party later.

Netflix’s Bandersnatch interactive film is great! Don’t watch it full-screen, the options won’t appear.

I won’t be surprised if Facebook has a PH Election Playbook favoring one party over the others. apple.news

5 Takeaways From Facebook’s Leaked Moderation Documents - The New York Times

A lot of Filipino companies are tone deaf when it comes to data privacy. tsk tsk. @PrivacyPH has its work cut out for 2019.

Globe eSIM now available, but exclusive only for iPhones bought from Globe? Boo! Smart, what about you?

Watching the best Christmas movie ever, Die Hard!

Family gatherings at home is when my Pi-Hole.net instance gets on overdrive blocking all those Android app trackers and apps phoning home to China.

Another Dawn Mass Novena completed. #SimbangGabi

Just transferred from FastMail.fm (thanks to the new Australian law) to Runbox.com.