I am being critical of @PrivacyPH because I know they could do better!

Would you trust @PrivacyPH?

When the Philippines finally established the National Privacy Commission (@PrivacyPH on Twitter), I figured “FINALLY!”. I have been in communication with the Privacy Commission folks from the very start and was hopeful that our data will finally be protected against the likes of Facebook and Google. Whilst countries fine these companies for not protecting our data, I have yet to see the agency successfully do something for the Filipinos.

Now with the Department of Foreign Affairs “losing” our data, I was expecting nothing less from @PrivacyPH. However, reading this press release from them ON FACEBOOK made me doubt their seriousness in protecting our data. I get it that Facebook is an effective way to disseminate information to Filipino social media addicts, but @PrivacyPH should promote their press release on their official website – but NO!!! They prefer Facebook – the company notorious for collecting personal information, sharing it with their friends, and failing to protect it!

Would you still trust the National Privacy Commission?

New semester starts. Setting up Canvas pages for classes.

Confused. Do Apple and Chinese govt have copies of the encryption keys for iCloud in Chinese data centers? This is according to TWiT overcast.fm/+FJhNHNI

When was the last time your Android phone received a new major OS upgrade? Asking for a friend.

Apple is doomed, as usual

Apple supports iPhones five years old and less, with only a very slight degradation in performance, thanks to iOS 12. Add a discounted battery replacement, gives older iPhones another year or two. This is a good thing for consumers - sticking on iOS ecosystem. Both good (more services subscription) and bad (longer upgrade cycle) for Apple. As an aside, there’s not much attention to Android to iOS switchers for the quarter.

Don’t use these weather apps! I use Carrot, Dark Sky and Apple’s bundles Weather app thenextweb.com/apps/2019…

Weather apps are secretly selling your location data to the highest bidder

Now that I am using a dual-SIM iPhone XS, it is refreshing to be carrying just one device, instead of two.

Since Brave on iOS does not come with TOR (or I couldn’t get it to work), I deployed a TOR proxy at home. This is mobile Safari. :)

“Focusing on Likes on Instagram makes you feel worse” TRUE! Share it somewhere else that does not collect your personal data and use it to generate money www.wired.com/story/tec…

Just made an cappuccino with a drizzle of sugar-free caramel syrup. #coffee

The battery replacement program and iOS 12 contributed to the low iPhone upgrades, and not to forget the significant price increase and late release of the “cheaper” iPhone model.

Time to review your installed apps on your iPhone. Remove those that you don’t use to free up space. :)