A quick trip to the grocery to grab a couple of bags of coal. Grilled pork belly FTW.

Got the iPhone 7+ dev phone again. Now installing iOS 12.2 beta.

THIS is the reason why Google is fast-tracking the release of Android’s replacement. :: Google asks Supreme Court to overrule disastrous ruling on API copyrights - Ars Technica apple.news/AAn0gIwkw…

This is for Philippine telcos, Smart and Globe, that claim to offer free Facebook out of the goodness of their hearts (not for profit), why not offer free international SMS instead - to connect Filipino families all over the world?

Facebook’s Zuckerberg pens “The Facts” op-ed on the Wall Street Journal to justify its ad business. Falls short - as usual, did not address the issues. Tone-deaf.

Facebook consolidating these services to make it easier to monetize it, as its main service is threatened. Integrating Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram, even with e2e, means link gathering more metadata on who you talk to and who you follow. www.theguardian.com/technolog…

Re-creating my @textile01 Photos threads and populating it with photos. My favorite thread — Foodporn :)

Mac Mini running on Mojave and functioning as Cache server. Resilio Sync setup. Textile instance to start on Monday :)

Note to self: [1] Re-install OS X on old Mac Mini Server. [2] Create Resilio Sync repository. [3] Install @Textile01 on Mac Mini and create Cafes.

Shakey’s thin crust garlic and cheese pizza FTW!

Need to create a bootable Mac OS X installer for the Mac Mini. Will revive it tomorrow.

Experimental Mastodon instance now up. Testing being done as I type. Sent invites to select few, hoping to get feedback.

Found an iPhone SE on the Lazada’s Apple page. boom

Breaking up Facebook is NOT the solution. Killing it is. apple.news

Facebook is as bad for democracy as smoking, say tech experts, who think the cure is breaking up the social network - Business Insider

Mac OS X 10.14.3, iOS 12.1.3, watchOS 5.1.3 are now available.

Listen to this episode and learn how big tech exploits content moderators (big tech not providing enough support, specially for the content moderators’ mental health) overcast.fm/+JUKNq6DE…