Facebook says will start to make products encrypted by default. Who has the keys? Which encryption algorithms? Again, another set of lies that investor injest hook, line and sinker, in search of more money. greedy!

ROTFL Facebook’s Zuckerberg’s delusional “users want tailored ads” op-ed. Just goes to show Zuckerberg going thru lengths just to defend the business model of surveillance. www.nytimes.com/2019/01/2…

Respect of one’s privacy is clearly not a priority over generating revenue, at least with one of Alphabet’s companies – but then again, it is consistent with Google’s. theintercept.com/2019/01/2…

Group FaceTime bug: It is a BUG that fell off the usual test scenarios

The Apple FaceTime bug gets activated in a rare, IMHO weird, scenario - you add your own number when you’re calling someone via FaceTime. It is a difficult bug to test against. Note that Group Facetime, which enabled this bug, was introduced later, after the release of the new iOS. It is suspect that Group FaceTime uses a different protocol than the original 1:1 FaceTime.

Contrast this to Google’s Location Sharing “bug” which ignored the Location Sharing settings, which is easy to test – unless it was intentional, which I suspect it was, until it was caught. Oh, don’t forget the Google Home Mini “bug” that recorded all the audio it can catch - again, this is pretty obvious and easy to test. I use bug in quotes because I believe that it was intended as a feature, until it was caught and revealed to the public, and then classified as a bug.

Regardless of what Apple and Google, and the rest of the technology companies say on how they are doubling down on preventing bugs, nobody can guarantee a 100% bug/error free product/service since these are all complex, man-made systems.

To prevent further damage, Apple disabled Group FaceTime, whilst fixing the bug that allows users to eavesdrop on others.

PSA: TURN OFF FaceTime on your iOS devices until @Apple releases the bug fix. #DataProtectionDay #DataPrivacyDay

I am familiar with how the Apple engineers are scrambling now to fix that nasty FaceTime bug. Waiting for the fix to be released. Good luck, @Apple engineers! @Tim_cook please make this top priority.

IN addition, Philippine mainstream media, whether online, print, radio and TV, are SCARED of Facebook and Google. They never dare go against them. www.vox.com/the-goods…

A majority of Filipinos have no clue as to how Facebook and Google ad-targeting work. It does not help that the likes of @Deped_PH @PhCHED @DICTgovph are not doing anything to address this. www.vox.com/the-goods…

#DataPrivacyDay #DataProtectionDay Protect your data from evil companies like Facebook and Google. Start slow, stop using Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Change your default search engine to @DuckDuckGo.

This is the day you quit Zuckerberg’s money-making scheme #DeleteFacebook #DeleteInstagram #DeleteWhatsApp #DataProtectionDay

Got to install @textile01 on Ubuntu but it keeps complaining that there is no “textile config” command. “Textile —help” does not list “config” either. Hmm.

Installing Ubuntu on a virtualbox on the Mac Mini Server.

Here’s hoping that @artsamaniego can get MB to remove these trackers.

Of course! You can’t trust Zuckerberg. ##DeleteFacebook #DeleteInstagram #DeleteWhatsApp mashable.com/article/m…

Zuckerberg is breaking promises to Instagram and WhatsApp. Be concerned.