Yeah, @apple, why isn’t Mac OS X covered? @tim_cook

Security researcher demos macOS exploit to access Keychain passwords, but won’t share details to Apple out of protest

A fine that is 4% of their global annual revenue would be nice

Labour wants to fine or break up social media companies that fail to protect children

Publishers should stop using Facebook. Facebook is taking advantage of them for Facebook’s profit.

Facebook to publishers: We are not here to save you

This is a desperate move to increase revenue, and position itself for a Facebook buy (which I doubt)…

Andy Rubin’s company gave my favorite email app a scary privacy policy - Fast Company

Next headline - “Facebook saved millions from bonus!”…

Facebook will now evaluate employees on whether they help solve ‘social issues’ - CNBC

Android alternative: iOS, LineageOS+microG+Yalp. Chrome alternative: Safari, Brave, Firefox. #SaferInternetDay

WhatsApp alternative: Wire, Signal. Google Search alternative: DuckDuckGo. Google Mail alternative: Protonmail. Google Maps alternative: Here Maps, Open Street Maps, Apple Maps. Google Analytics Alternative: Matomo #SaferInternetDay

Instagram alternatives: Flickr, Textile Photos and Vero. Not in any particular order. If you are sharing with iOS friends, iCloud Shared Albums. #SaferInternetDay

Safer Internet Day: STAY AWAY from digital predators - Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google. If you need help, ping me.

Got myself this third-party AirPods charging case (my original one broke) - works great, plus it has wireless charging support, too. Just can’t use it to pair with your devices. Mine was pre-paired. ;)

It is Safer Internet Day. Teaching kids how to protect themselves on Facebook is like teaching kids how to protect themselves while using cigarettes. For kids' safety, “STAY AWAY FROM FACEBOOK”, it is a predator.

C’mon. If Apple changes their cut, bet you will follow.…

Google CEO Sundar Pichai says the company isn’t backing down from the challenge that ‘Fortnite’ poses to the Android app store business - Business Insider

Facebook is a lost cause until Zuckerberg and Sandberg resign or the investors grow some balls and leave

Dear Mr Zuckerberg: the problem isn’t the internet, it’s Facebook

Success!!! Got rid of Google from my old Nexus 5. It is now running LineageOS and MicroG. FTW!

Whew! Reviewed 10 conference paper submissions today (for 2 conferences).