Nothing is free forever, specially when we are talking about Google

When closed shop, the folks there moved users to Google App For Your Domain and provided as domain. It was a safe transition because Google marketed it as free forever. That account was used as an email forwarder.

Just like most of what Google said they’d provide for free, it’s just temporary. Good thing that there is no other user on that domain except me, and by now, I have moved the important accounts using that domain to another domain and alias provider,

If you were victimized like me (although mine has minimal impact), then plan your transition now. There are better alternatives out there, Fastmail being one of them.

Meta threatening Europe with a Facebook and Instagram pull out if Meta cannot process Europeans' data in the US? Lucky Europeans!

(actually Meta is threatening to kill jobs in some member countries)

Is it a good idea to upgrade to 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS (heard full-upgrade only upgrades the kernel) or start from scratch (again) or wait awhile for more applications to be 64-bit?

I forget to post that I have finished the first season of Reacher. I like it even if this series’ Jack tries to act like the movie version of Jack.

The first two episodes of Suspicion set the series to a great start, but I keep on waiting for Fitz to appear and save Jemma LOL.

Read and find out how screwed up the ad tech industry really is. And yes, they’re anti-privacy no matter what they say. Privacy-protecting browsers and other privacy technologies are your friends.

A privacy war is raging inside the W3C

Zoom client for Linux Mint works! Yay! Now using this revived Acer Aspire laptop as an alternative Zoom terminal.

Writing is on the wall. Users in Asia, particularly the Philippines, should prepare for this and start moving away from Facebook. #DeleteFacebook

Facebook is dying

iOS and Android users – what will make you choose another App Store? I’m curious as to what your criteria will be. Personally, I definitely won’t use Epic’s since they’re just too greedy.

Which App Store will developers use?

Why isn’t there a poll among app developers if they will use an alternative app store on iOS and Android and which one will they choose? On Android, there is F-Droid (Huawei and Amazon?), but where are all the apps? Didn’t Samsung launched one, too? Will they choose the Epic app store?

Good to know that you can use NetNewsWire to track the posts of mastodon users.