This is surprising. Didn’t expect publishers to bite.

Apple signed ‘many’ publishers for subscription service at 50 percent revenue split, report says

“Don’t be evil” no more

A prominent former Googler says she has ‘grave concerns about how strategic decisions are made at Google today’ and how it treats employees - Business Insider

This is a great tip. Will try it out soon.

Use this quick tweak to fix the iPhone XS’ flat photos - Cult of Mac

I wonder if the Philippine Competition Commission is investigating Facebook (Philippines) for anti-competitive behaviour. It has a monopoly on social media, and yet corners the market with free access via the telcos. How can alternatives compete against this monstrosity? is supported by Facebook? ROTFL this will be interesting - I am sure Facebook will take about a week before taking down fake news, after they get enough revenue from it.

I wonder why @ManilaBulletin is not part of – is there something you are not telling me, boss ?

Samsung not getting a piece of Apple’s A13 chip manufacturing? Hmm…