Argh! @Textile01 why did you decide to change the order of photos in Groups? The latest should always appear on top. :)

Google reading your messages to make suggestions? No thanks.

Google brings its Assistant to your text messages

Will we have the first PWA malware in the near future?

New browser attack lets hackers run bad code even after users leave a web page

Social Media is NOT the internet. Facebook is the internet’s toilet.

Why you should delete your social media apps

Thanks, YouTube. Now blocking you off our kids’ devices

A mom found videos on YouTube Kids that gave children instructions for suicide - CNN

Ethics in Computer Science #CS196

Been teaching Ethics to computer science students for quite some time already. I just wish that my former students have learned enough to be ethical designers and engineers. If your company prevents you from being ethical, blow the whistle! (@keelacanilao, hope you learned something haha)…

Calling on @Cloudflare - please ditch ReCAPTCHA for something that isn’t from Google!

"Facebook people are either stupid or assholes"

THIS!!!!! What do you call people who fall for this Facebook tactic?

“Facebook has a new feature where you can ask questions like what was your first computer. I was about to ask people what their first car was, but then realized this is often a “security” question. And then I thought geez these Facebook people are either stupid or assholes. “…

Is the foldable smartphone for me?

I am struggling to find a use case for Samsung’s Galaxy Fold design. I can only see it really functional as a bigger screen for viewing videos. App developers will need to target this form factor in order to take advantage of the unfolded screen. Not only this, it is way thicker as well.

Will Google release the next Android with support for this form factor? Frankly, the Samsung Dex has far more better use cases than this one.

IMHO, Samsung should have waited for Google to release full design compatibility in Android’s next release. With Google, Samsung could have demoed a whole lot of applications that take advantage of this form factor.

Apple is rumoured to be tinkering with the same form factor – but in contrast, Apple does not release a new form factor without a compelling application that takes advantage of it.