The iPhone SE has the same processor as the iPhone 6S, I wonder why it is rumoured to be unsupported on iOS 13.

Google Pixel 3a XL - 2019 class camera, with 2016 class performance at half the price of the iPhone XR.

Apple has been talking about privacy for a long while. Google, under threat of regulation, now claims they’re privacy heroes to those who can’t afford Apple products. Mind you, you need latest android phones to get those NEW privacy features.

This coming from a company that exploited their users to get rich, and now that they got what they needed, they’re saying they’re the protectors!

Google CEO takes side-swipe at Apple ‘selling privacy as a luxury good’ - 9to5Mac

Google rapidly jumping into privacy, just like Facebook. This is expected, but they’re lip-service only. It is privacy IF IT DOES NOT HURT THE BOTTOMLINE.

Apple should release the iPhone XE (SE-sized, full-screen with FaceID, A12-powered) at the $499 range. ;)

Apple Store’s branding push did not work really well. Angela did her best, but it was not aligned with Apple’s culture IMHO. Felt the changes when I last visited the Apple Store in San Francisco.

Google’s Privacy Push? Given their track record, I don’t buy it. Chrome to block ad trackers – yes, trackers from companies that are not their friends. Adding camera on their home assistant - why? Something is planned here.

Facebook opens war room for EU election. Did they do the same for the Philippines? They don’t care, of course. Philippine government is scared of them anyway.

Your Filipino WiPro contractor-friends have access to your PRIVATE FACEBOOK POSTS. Yahoo! dumb fucks :: Facebook’s contract workers are looking at your private posts to train AI - The Verge…

Wow! This is really something. The ethical thing to do is not comment at all, but no…

Court filing seems to show that the DOJ is impartial in favor of Qualcomm