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Did Threema sponsor the Amazon Prime TV series, The Terminal List?!

Did Threema sponsor the movie, The Terminal List?

Because The Blacklist is on a hiatus… just started watching Boston Legal.

Halo episode 2 done. Now it is Star Trek:Picard time. 🖖

Ohhh, another episode of The Endgame is out! Nice. 📺

Prepped beef sinigang for dinner. All that is needed is to add the veggies. Time to relax and watch episode 5 of Raised by Wolves. 📺

I forget to post that I have finished the first season of Reacher. I like it even if this series’ Jack tries to act like the movie version of Jack.

New episodes of The Legend of Vox Machina are now available. Nice!

The first two episodes of Suspicion set the series to a great start, but I keep on waiting for Fitz to appear and save Jemma LOL.

Watching Debris premiere episode 📺 to wind down…