Wow! Take a look at this list.

Spot on! LOL # DeleteFacebook NOW…

Just thought I’d charge this to see if it still works! What do you know?

Watching Palo Alto webinar.

“Can you see me?” :)

Kudos to @upsystem for finally protecting its readers from surveillance via adtrackers disguised as analytics tool.

Look at the trackers blocked by my instance. Dominated by Google, Facebook and Microsoft.


Iced coffee time

Look! Trackers blocked by


This week’s #coffee beans. ☕️

Youngest daughter re-learning how to play the violin.

So what if I do not want to be tracked, @verge? Why isn’t there an option NOT to be tracked?

Fresh quail eggs! Looking forward to tiny sunny side ups for breakfast. 🤪

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here!

New Microsoft Family Safety app is not safe at all. Run the Android version through Exodus Privacy and find out that there are 5 trackers and requires 14 permissions. WATCH OUT.

“If someone doesn’t interact with you because you’re not on Facebook, they probably aren’t that good of a friend anyway.” #DitchFacebook…

Yes! Flush Facebook, the hate for profit company, down the toilet! It is full of crap!…

Just checked out - and look at their Terms of Use - you grant them unrestricted license to all your content. They can practically do anything with your data, including photos, videos and voice, for whatever purposes they want, even re-sell it (you don’t get anything!).

It is not common to find nectarines in supermarkets in the Philippines.

Make sure that these are all turned OFF to avoid Mozilla from tracking you.

Spent time outside to get some sun and look, all blue!

blue sky, no clouds

Random objects to shoot whilst soaking in sunlight and listening to The Left Right Game

More vitamin D from the sun to beef up immunity and resistance to colds.

Had to go out and replenish supplies. The supermarket management is controlling the number of customers inside, which is good. Supplies are limited and runs out quickly.

photo of queue at the entrance of the supermarketqueue at the checkout counter

Getting some vitamin D