Yay for my Sugru re-supply. Now thinking where to setup this bulb. Hmm.

This is currently my homescreen. Lost Swarm because of quarantine (no point in keeping it here).

Highly recommended! Got this yesterday and done reading. Sharing with @npf007 . thanks @carissaveliz - great resource for my classes. :)

Privacy is Power book

Second cup of ☕️ is brought to you by @Starbucks @StarbucksPH #coffee

starbucks christmas blend 2020 espresso roast whole beans

Today’s second cup of ☕️ is brought to you by the coffee farmers in Benguet, Philippines 🇵🇭 #coffee

pour over coffee from benguet, philippines



Comic from Joy of Tech about Facebook's print ad

Filipinos should realize how Facebook is being used against them. www.theatlantic.com/technolog…

Snippet of the Atlantic article, "Facebook is a Doomsday Machine"

And here’s the Google app… Google hiding what data they’re collecting? Scary!

And here’s Instagram. Yes, health and fitness data is being collected. Why? Because they can and because YOU give it to them. #DeleteInstagram #DeleteFacebook

Be afraid! Be very afraid! Look what data that Facebook app is collecting. #DeleteFacebookNow

app privacy label of facebook app on ios/ipados

This is what 100Mbps PLDT Home Fibr is like when tested outside of the PLDT internal network.

Got the YubiKeys - locking down accounts this weekend.

So which one is OPT OUT? This is another example of dark pattern. Yeah, Amazon is a practitioner of the dark arts. LOL

Hello Mozilla, let’s UNFCK the internet, but why just mention YouTube and not Google? Oh yeah, you get money from Google, right? @bobreyes blog.mozilla.org/blog/2020…

Boom! www.geekculture.com/joyoftech…

This is exactly how it works - yeah, the VCs want more. www.macrumors.com/2020/11/1…

Thank you, @AppleEDU and @tim_cook! 25 years!!! #ADE #ADEPH

And of course, the worst ones are Facebook Messenger and Instagram. NOT SURPRISING. www.mysk.blog/2020/10/2…

I still can’t hack that 8-hour sleep routine. Argh! Getting closer!!! :)

screenshot of  Watch sleep report

Preparing curly 🥬 for salad.

Hairy! 📷

One of my daily tools to keep me alert when an afternoon nap calls but I need to attend a Zoom meeting Taken at around 4PM (UTC+8), Oct 13, in Southeast Asia. #adayinthelife

Checking out one of my daughter’s plants. These two are ready for the harvest. Taken at around 730am (UTC+8), October 14, Southeast Asia #adayinthelife

Made a latte with a sprinkle of cinnamon :)

Weekend project - RetroPie. #raspberrypi