Veterans’ Day challenge 2019 crushed! #AppleWatch

screenshot of apple watch badge

Taken at the same vantage point - at 0.5x and 1x. :)

An empty meeting room… people are late. Tsk tsk.

🥑 🍦FTW!

Why do you want to know my location, @PhilStarNews? You sneaky little… STOP TRACKING US! @PrivacyPH look - no details WHY they are collecting this.

paella negra with mixed meat

Different kinds of turd.

Poo shaped pillows

Hell no! @gcashofficial asking for access to my health data.

Enjoying the last cup of cappuccino for the day.

Am ready for the 11” iPad Pro. :) The USB-C to USB-A adapter is for portable batteries - still don’t have one that has USB-C out.

This never fails to attract photographers like bees. :)

This is spot on.…

Using Windscribe’s R.O.B.E.R.T., with everything filtered and blocked! Yes!

Game of Thrones time… 8 hours ago..

photo of Apple Watch showing Game of Thrones playing on other device

Celebrated #4SQDay last night with the PH crew. Happy 10th, @foursquare #4SQDayPH

Foursquare 10th anniversary coin and superuser pin

Lenten meals!!!!

screenshot of Honestbee Lenten meals

No more Liferay open source projects?

If you are diabetic or know someone who is, please download and help students test this. Send me a note so we can send you questionnaire. Thanks.…

SugarTraces by University of the Philippines

Here’s what my microblog looks like if it were viewed 30 years back ;) via

Let’s eat together…

Missing bikes?

bike rental rack