Made orange juice cold brew on ice (if only I have machine to do shaved ice). Freshly squeezed orange juice and freshly brewed cold brew. #coffee

Maybe I will get better responses from my family.

Hario V60 or Hario Immersion V60? Which one to get? #coffee


In a few weeks these will be turned into banana-mango smoothies

It is either banana+raspberry or banana+blueberry shake for snack. Hoping that I’d get some fresh strawberries from Baguio this weekend. :)

Made a banana and raspberry smoothie without milk but with a couple of drops of honey. Perfect afternoon snack.

I brewed extra strong coffee this late in the afternoon and got tempted to have a cup. Tsk tsk. It is for making coffee ice cube for tomorrow. Hmmm #coffee

It is not common to find nectarines in supermarkets in the Philippines.