Quickly hacking a password generator

iCloud Keychain Password is not yet at feature-parity with my main password manager, 1Password. One of the issues I have (and also found out that others have the same issue) is password generation (sometimes, it is not easy to copy/edit the newly generated password), which 1Password does very well.

This inspired me to write a more generic password generation tool without needing to install another application. I could have written a script for the command-line, but thought that it is more flexible to write a shortcut.

I hacked a quick shortcut and was able to generate the passwords using the preferred template (based on my current 1Password template, and then some). Unfortunately, it was dependent on other third party iOS apps, Toolbox Pro and TextCase, which I don’t have on the Mac. So back to the drawing board.

Finally managed to finish the shortcut with no dependency on a third-party application, which made it work on iOS, iPadOS and macOS. :) It is not as elegant as I wanted it to be (need more built-in scripting functions on Shortcuts, which I hope gets added on iOS 15.4), but it works!