iCloud Keychain experiment (turning off 1Password)

This morning, I exported all accounts from 1Password to iCloud Keychain earlier this morning. From there, I re-configured the TOTP on some apps (making sure that the passcodes are synced between 1Password and iCloud Keychain). I also re-configured some accounts to remove the sunsetting Otherinbox.com/oib.com domain that I have been using (which was transferred to the free Google App for Your Domain, which is going to be deleted soon) and replace it with updated email addresses c/o simplelogin.io. Finally, I deleted quite a number of old accounts as well - those that I don’t use anymore, e.g. bit.ly, dropbox.com, to name two.

Note that I did not delete 1Password, as it is where I safety store the Backup Codes, and a couple of files, too. I don’t want to use a separate app to store the codes, so a Secure Note on Notes app won’t fly. I cannot wait for iOS 15.4 (next week?), so I can migrate the codes.

I have deactivated the 1Password plug-in on Safari and the 1Password Autofill on iPhone and iPad. So, by Monday, I will see how this goes when work starts at 8. :) Wish me luck!