Who would have thought that your device driver software is surveilling you? I did not, until it was revealed that Wacom was actually collecting data, and worse, sharing it with third-party. They did explain, but was it enough? I’d say NO. Some interesting statements from the explanation…

All data is for Wacom anonymized and unidentifiable.

How naive can you get? We all know that de-anonymizing is not impossible, granting that the data can be cross-referenced with data from other sources. You might think, what other sources?

the data is collected through Google Analytics and sent to Google Analytics’ server, not Wacom’s server.

There you have it, the data provided by Wacom’s data collection can be cross-referenced with Google’s. Boom! Now YOU CAN BE IDENTIFIED.

It is a good thing that my daughter ditched Wacom and bought herself an iPad. It is time to review your priorities - yes, Wacom is one of the industry leaders, but when they do something like this, i.e., sharing the data collected with one of the biggest surveillance capitalists, then there is something extremely wrong. Yes, we recognize the lust to collect data to improve the product and user experience, but keep it to yourself, secure it, and properly dispose of it.

So until Wacom fixes this - again, keep the data to yourself and don’t share it with third-parties - I’d say stay away.