Philippine Statistics Authority, please read the signs

Posted on Sep 19, 2019

This is actually why I am overly concerned about the Philippine National ID initiative. Knowing how the government works - budget, personnel, procurement - there is a high chance of citizens’ data will be breached/hacked/exploited externally, or worse, internally (think of one of the gov’t owned and controlled corporations).

If I am not mistaken, the model used by lawmakers is India’s Aadhaar, which does not have a great track record in securing their data as well.

Before embarking on something like a national ID registry, maybe a thorough IT security audit of critical infrastructure needs to be done first. Audit BIR, PhilHealth, LTO, Local Government Units, COMELEC (oops, already breached!), GSIS, SSS, as a start. Ensure that they are standards compliant in securing data at the very least.