Playing with Safari Technology Preview 14.2 on Big Sur. :)

Daughter had Auntie Anne’s pretzels delivered. That cinnamon sugar is tempting but… sugar. :)

Had coffee at 4pm yesterday and had a difficult time sleeping. At work, I drink 3 cups, with 1 cup at 4pm before i head home and it was fine. Hmm..

NetNewsWire 6 for iOS soon to be available… yay!

Anybody using an Asus ZenScreen Touch MB16AMT - is it compatible with iOS/iPadOS?

Happy Father’s Day to all dads and single moms out there!

Why I don’t trust Facebook and Google…

Just imagine an AI model trained on Facebook’s fake news and hate?…

This is also a problem on iOS - enforcing Apple’s rules to ensure Privacy Nutrition Labels are true and the App Tracking Transparency settings are respected….

This speaks more about AI researchers and practitioners being unethical than anything else. So sad…

Three down, one to go. Now watching 📺 #Netflix

Rurouni Kenshin: the Final Chapter Part 1 - The Final

Made avocado+chia+almond milk ice cream during the short break in between movies. Hehe. Need to stand-up for the ring! ⌚️

One down, three to go. 📺

Rurouni Kenshin Part II

Now on #Netflix, all three movies and the latest one. Now watching Origins. 📺

Rurouni Kenshin Part 1

If you haven’t ditched it yet, then there is no excuse, ditch it now. :)…

Lisey’s story - where viewers end up crazy! Am so confused now. Haha 📺

Wouldn’t it be great if CDNs like Fastly and Cloudflare block FLoC, too? Is there a setting I can toggle somewhere, Cloudflare?

It is back to 42C!!!! Curse you, integration testing!

I agree that iOS 15 Safari UI changes made the overall experience worse instead of better. Using it now requires you to guess where the different functionalities moved - everything’s hidden! Beta 1 still, there’s still time to revamp it before release.

Remember, make sure that you evaluate the apps before using it and storing your health data.…

Trying to figure out why WireGuard wasn’t working on my RaspberryPi. PiVPN was not routing properly. Ended up configuring WireGuard directly, with routing properly working when connected from outside of the network, but does not work from inside, so back to work.

Wow! Kate Hudson on season 2 of Truth Be Told on #AppleTV+. Nice.

So the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro is not arriving anytime soon, right? Will the Switch get significant discount during Prime Days? :)

Fellow TED Fellow, Professor Francis De Los Reyes, talks toilets on the TEDEd Channel! :) Mabuhay ka, Francis!

Is Lente the only non-partisan election watchdog left? NAMFREL, 1Sambayan, Vote For Us, and COMELEC: What’s the connection? – Manila Bulletin