So how many of you #DeletedSpotify because they prioritize profit over safety, just like Meta?

What happened to today’s Star Trek: Prodigy episode? Hmm is it going to be aired back-to-back next week? 🖖 #TV

Taken this morning as I prep for the second cup of coffee for the day #food #coffee posted on Flickr

Go away, leave me alone! posted on Flickr

Is free access to Facebook in the Philippines really free?

Filipinos love Facebook more than any other social media company. This is predominantly due to the deals Facebook made with Smart and Globe (yes, no matter what Smart and Globe say that they are …

This arrived in the mail. Linode rocks! [posted on Flickr] (

Wow! More like this is happening……

Note to self: breathe…

Google’s insistence to collect data about your online behaviour and sharing it with others is what is wrong with using Chrome. Ditch Chrome, it is not safe.… users - are you using it on an Apple Silicon Mac? Is it native? #NoIntelBinariesPlease

This is an excellent cryptocurrency/NFT explainer. Kinda long, but well worth it.

24% of the DNS queries done via Pi-hole+Unbound on our home network is IPv6. Not bad.

Finally managed to have different homescreens for different Focus mode - personal, work, fitness, sleep. :) Let’s see how this goes for this coming week.

I have duplicated my 1Password accounts to iCloud Keychain already. The last thing to do is to transfer the secure notes to Will do this next month.… …

Pi-hole complaining there's no space left on device

My Pi-hole has been complaining that there’s no more space left to store the logs. Since I’m using log2ram, the logical action is to increase it - hoping that it solves the problem. After …

More like this please. :) Europe’s Move Against Google Analytics Is Just the Beginning - WIRED

Weird time for this to appear haha [posted on Flickr] (

End of term activity - grading! yuck Waiting for other students to submit their requirements before I finally hit SUBMIT on the grade sheet.

This is the last one. Promise. Wordle 215 3/6 ⬛🟨🟨⬛⬛ 🟩🟩🟨🟩⬛ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

Update: Using the Ink theme now and thanks much to @sod - the Reply-by-email and Conversations on are now working! Yahoo! #noxp

Blog update: changed the theme to Tufte plug-in and removed @sod’s Reply-by-email, but still couldn’t get @sod’s Conversations to work on this theme. Any ideas, @pimoore @sod? #noxp

Blended is definitely the way forward for education and there is no returning to pre-pandemic settings - school administrators should understand this.…

Update: Blog back in action (Hugo 0.54, Archie theme plug-in + a couple of plug-ins). Just two more plug-ins to add and I’m done for the day. Now to seek help from plug-in author. :) #noxp

Update: reverted back to Hugo 0.54 and now I can see my Mb content. Good. Now shifting to theme plug-in to see if it will work. #noxp

With Hugo 0.91 + Archie theme and no plug-ins. This is what my blog looks like. I think I messed up something on the backend. @help #noxp