Both Apple and Google have intelligent battery management - I’ve seen it on the iPhone (and Macbook Pro), charging up to 80% only and continues to 100% just in time for you to use it (based on your usage pattern). Is a chargie still necessary?

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Kickstarter: Run with the Bulls - an illustrated guide to the stock market

Trying to eat healthy so I’m having oatmeal for breakfast… but with bacon! Who can resist bacon?!

Star Trek: Discovery time 🖖 DND

Gluon having some rendering issues with some posts. Latest Gluon version for iOS.

Even with overseas shipping from Amazon, it still ends up cheaper than buying it locally #NotEnoughStorage

Fast, but not fastest, storage

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Can you identify which year this was from? #Java

Java forever

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Why it is important that companies have a Chief Ethics Officer - features like this one (always-on ISP/camera) should not have been made available to smartphone manufacturers, only to security cameras.

As Twitter’s Private Media censorship is getting gamed by malicious actors, researchers should start migrating to a federated service, such as Mastodon. It is time to embrace the fediverse.

Yes! But then again, Zucka ignores UK law anyway - besides, he can threaten them again and UK will backdown, right?

Fakebook must sell Giphy, according to UK competition watchdog