Another proof that you cannot trust Zuckerberg - he is just full of it!

Mark Zuckerberg keeps lying about Facebook’s origin story

Good catch! However, Apple can’t innovate, why follow?

Google keeps adding Pixel features it claimed it didn’t need

Impressed by that Google Recorder that works offline - wonder how long it will take before it appears on iOS. Does it work for other languages?

This is NOT new. Google will say everything to make you think it respects your privacy.

Google’s auto-delete tools are practically worthless for privacy

There you go, Facebook wants to be considered as a broadcasting company — so regulate the hell out of it! #DeleteFacebook

Facebook made the rare decision to push back directly at Elizabeth Warren and her criticism of the company, but its attempt to defend itself backfired spectacularly

Note to self - don’t use modern, dark backgrounds on your slides when presenting at DCS. Old projectors can’t cut it. Tsk tsk,

And they finally see the light. Nothing good will come out of Facebook’s Libra.…

Is there something similar for the Philippines? A republic act that has penalties for those who violate?…

Star Trek:Picard is going to be an awesome series. Seeing the reunion of the ST:TNG with ST:V’s Seven of Nine makes it even more exciting. Can’t wait for January. Engage!

Whoever believes him is a FOOL

Mark Zuckerberg promises Facebook won’t be biased against Elizabeth Warren

Android users, be careful. There is no patch available yet.

Attackers exploit 0day vulnerability that gives full control of Android phones

Tsk tsk

Taken at the same vantage point - at 0.5x and 1x. :)

An empty meeting room… people are late. Tsk tsk.

Now THIS is bad! I know a lot of people who have accounts here. tsk tsk.…

Android users, pay attention to who created the apps you’re downloading. If you think it is suspicious, chances are you are right.…

Micro.Blog iOS app request – Shortcuts support please. ;)

This is interesting news that will affect that anti-“fake news” bill being deliberated in Congress and Senate.…

Start with privacy and fine Big Tech

Only use software from those you can trust. BTW, isn’t uBlock Origin different from the one mentioned here, uBlock?…

Should urban planners change the way they design? Your Navigation App Is Making Traffic Unmanageable - IEEE Spectrum

You can’t trust all of these VPN services. Android users, please make sure you delete these apps.

Philippine Statistics Authority, please read the signs

This is actually why I am overly concerned about the Philippine National ID initiative. Knowing how the government works - budget, personnel, procurement - there is a high chance of citizens’ data will be breached/hacked/exploited externally, or worse, internally (think of one of the gov’t owned and controlled corporations).

If I am not mistaken, the model used by lawmakers is India’s Aadhaar, which does not have a great track record in securing their data as well.

Before embarking on something like a national ID registry, maybe a thorough IT security audit of critical infrastructure needs to be done first. Audit BIR, PhilHealth, LTO, Local Government Units, COMELEC (oops, already breached!), GSIS, SSS, as a start. Ensure that they are standards compliant in securing data at the very least.

w00t! More and more are signing up for “Sign in with Apple”. This is going to be good for all users. Can’t wait for web services to add this.…

Another awesome technical review of Apple’s camera system iPhone 11 Pro Preview: The Camera Hardware Changes - Halide