Weekend is almost over — why? Am not ready yet… can we get another 24 hours please?!

For some reason, I miss ThinkGeek right now. LOL

Found a Gluon app update and immediately installed it hoping that it fixes the iPad Mini issue of not being able to post a new entry… bug is still there. Weird. @vincent

Unbound returns SERVFAIL for select domains, what gives?

Spent the morning debugging Unbound on the Raspberry Pi — some domains are failing to resolve. Tried different configuration, even reinstalling it, still getting SERVFAIL. Finally narrowed it down to Firewalla’s DNS Boost feature.. now disabled for the RPi, and we’re back in business.

Maybe I will get better responses from my Micro.blog family.

Hario V60 or Hario Immersion V60? Which one to get? #coffee


iOS 15.5, iPadOS 15.5, macOS 12.4. watchOS 8.6, tvOS 15.5 are now out

Just one more tick to complete all three rings and then it is time to prep dinner. #mbmay

4:06pm on apple watch on left wrist

The sun hid behind the clouds and thunder is being heard every minute or two. Hmm.

Been on the fence on whether to post this from Flickr or straight to Micro.blog. #mbmay #noxp

You know what would be great? If SMUGMUG gets Flickr to support ActivityPub. What do you think?

FINALLY!!!! After 36 years! My alma mater is crowned champion of this season’s UAAP Men’s Basketball tournament! #UPFIGHT #UPFightingMaroons

Wow! It has been two years since I switched to a two-year subscription from annual. Fastmail definitely is worth it! #deGoogled

Still couldn’t figure out why Gluon can’t post a new entry when using the iPad mini 5G.